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Ballistic penetration data

I almost hate to open this can of worms due to the urban legends, misconceptions and delusions surrounding the topic. Many gunwriters, defensive trainers and Internet experts have proclaimed they know the answer. When it comes to defensive-handgun cartridges and ammo, I have preferences and biases. But, I also acknowledge when it comes to stopping a bad guy with a handgun there are no absolutes. You cannot predict with any certainty how fast incapacitation will occur.
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FBI Ammunition Protocol

In response to inquiries, here is the procedure for making and using gelatin test blocks. This data is the standard procedure developed by the International Wound Ballistics Association. Properly prepared ballistic gelatin has been shown to give penetration and bullet expansion characteristics within several percent of that in swine tissue. Testing of various media gave the following penetration data. Keep in mind that the wide variance of data in swine tissue comes from the non-homogenous nature of live tissue and that 10 percent gelatin falls well within the observed norms. Testing bullets in gelatin as a soft tissue simulant provides useful information about a bullet's terminal mechanical performance and wounding producing effect and nothing more.
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NIJ Ballistic Penetration test Headform

Terminal ballistics also known as wound ballistics , a sub-field of ballistics , is the study of the behavior and effects of a projectile when it hits and transfers its energy to a target. Bullet design and the velocity of impact largely determine the effectiveness of its impact. While the concepts of terminal ballistics can be applied to any projectile striking any target, much of the topic concerns the effects of small arms fire striking live targets, and their ability to either incapacitate or kill them. Common factors include bullet weight, composition, velocity, and shape.
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The design characteristics of the cartridge, including powder and bullet choice, provide optimal interior and exterior ballistics. The decisive element for shooting accuracy and effect on the game is the bullet. Its aerodynamics and weight are responsible for the flattest possible trajectory.
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